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Our school Parliament is run by students elected to different positions. The students are from Year 5 and 6. Parliament meets every Thursday during lunch to discuss their ideas and possible improvements for our school. 


Prime Ministers -  As Prime Minister our job is to assist and guide fellow Ministers.

Minister of Communications – This year we are to talk about what is going on around the school in parliament and at the assembly.

Minister Social Events- As Minister of social events we have to organise school activities such as talent shows.

Clerk-  As Clerk we write everything down that happens in Parliament. We also print copies for all ministers.

Sergeant at Arms-  My job is to open parliament and make sure that no one is fussing or being disrespectful.

Minister of Sport-  As Minister of Sport we organise sport games and look after sport equipment and sport shed.

Minister of Aboriginal Education-  As a Minister of Aboriginal Education we help fellow Aboriginals make them want to do more activities around school.

Minister of Infants-  Behaviour of younger students and to organise fun games for young students. Possibly will be holding a fun run for infants.

Minister of Environment-  We clean up after lunch help do the garden make sure no one litters run clean up days.

Speaker-  My job is to welcome Parliament every two weeks and to welcome all Ministers' reports.

Minister of Education- We manage behaviour and the newspaper that's our job.

We also have new parliament team.